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Ten tips for brilliant one to one communication

by Larry Reynolds on March 24, 2014

1.    Be clear and specific

Most business communication is just too vague. If you want someone to do something, use the OPERA checklist to make sure you cover everything.

2.    Use examples, stories and anecdotes

Another way to make things clear is to use examples, stories and anecdotes. Here’s how to develop your story telling ability.

3.    Check understanding by making communication two way

Ask the other person to sum up their understanding, especially at the end of the conversation.

4.    Use the right tone of voice

Often a fairly neutral tone of voice is the best – certainly if you feel any kind of frustration when you are talking to this person. Use appropriate pauses and emphasis, even in a one to one meeting.

5.    Watch your non-verbals

You can’t see the expression on your face but they can – are you sure it’s sending the right message?

6.    Encourage people to give you feedback

You can hardly expect people to take your feedback and suggestions unless you role model encouraging and – if appropriate – acting on feedback from others

7.    Give people honest and appropriate feedback

E2C2 is the way to structure it

8.    Role model honesty and openness

If you are not open and honest you will be found out and your credibility will plummet to zero

9.    Be clear whether you are asking or telling

Don’t pretend you are asking someone for their opinion unless you are willing to act on it.

10.  Be yourself

Whatever you do, be your genuine authentic self.

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Yesterday Roger, who is one of my associates, came to observe me delivering a course called Courageous Conversations. The final module of the course is about coaching, and as Roger is one of the best coaches I know, I asked him if he’d like to facilitate that part of the course. Watching Roger facilitating my […]

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